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Sensible issues when evaluating hail loss claims to be mentioned with Chip Merlin on Tuesday at 2 a.m.

Drew Houghton will come to me tomorrow afternoon Tuesday at 2 with Chip Merlin with regard to the practical considerations when evaluating hail damage claims. Drew Houghton runs our Oklahoma City office and has been a large part of our move to new Oklahoma City offices last year, as I noted at the opening of the Merlin Law Group's Oklahoma City office.

You can see that Oklahoma City is in the middle of Hagelgasse with huge losses, as can be seen from the NOAA chart below:

Drew Houghton has been a lawyer for 22 years. I consider him an expert in hail damage and someone you want to learn from.

I would also like to extend a big greeting to David and Justin Skipton from Skipton Claims Management. You recently asked me to give a speech on the subject. Hail damage claims are important, and their company is trying to raise the bar for proper handling and analysis of steps to adjust hail damage claims. If you study and analyze what's important and then take action, you can only get better.

I know from years of personal experience that David Skipton will "speak the conversation" when he comes up to me after seminars, asks questions, debates me and then promises to send something that proves his point of view. He also spends a lot of time studying the practices and procedures for insurance claims, as described in this article, Setting New Standards for Customization.

I try to pay attention to David Skipton and others like him who visit me and share their views. I have found that if I can control my ego, listen and critically focus on others' views and points, I can learn a lot more truth and understanding from my audience. Then I can be able to study new knowledge and share it with others who do good for people and want to work against those who are not.

If you are interested in the latest practical investigation of hail damage, please visit us tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. EST in a Facebook live stream at this link.

Afternoon thought during hailstorms

I once told Nixon that the presidency is like a donkey caught in a hailstorm. You just have to stand there and take it.
– Lyndon B. Johnson

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