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Automated Residence – # 24 Ubiquiti Networking Half three – AirMAX NanoStation AC-Lok Wi-fi Community Bridge

Although there is fiber in our neighborhood, the splinters on the poles around us are currently full and we have to wait for them to update. So unfortunately no fiber to the premises move in for us.

Ubiquiti to the rescue

In the meantime, however, there are some options for our connection. First, there is the 3G / 4G / 5G cellular network, and this option is currently delighting many rural homeowners across the country. Speeds of 50Mbps are usually achievable, and I've heard of 150Mbps for some users with EE 5G Sims. Unlimited data simulation contracts are available today from around £ 20 / month.

But with the family next door with an FTTP connection, we choose option 2 – a wireless bridge to our neighbors. We spoke to our friends at Linitx and asked them about the best Ubiquiti units and, on their advice, ordered a set of these NanoStation Loco units (Loco5AC).

Setup and installation

The setup was quick and painless. We set up the units on the bench and after we configured our switch to Passive 24v PoE, we booted them individually and navigated to their web interface (standard IP and then …

  • Updated to the latest firmware
  • Set static IPs
  • Set up the link SSID and password
  • Set the one in the neighboring house to "Access Point".

Remember that the PTZ camera was installed at the start of the build? Well, it's time for it to come down and move into the new house. After using the PoE cable, we can simply push it against the & # 39; access point & # 39; replace the NanoStation, tie the cable to the bar and connect – you need a passive 24V PoE injector (which includes the NS-5AC version) 2 PoE ports that we could have used here if the camera had stayed ).

During construction, 3 separate Cat6 cables were laid to the west side of the house (facing this AP) to give us options for IP CCTV locations. In the meantime, we'll use one of them to connect to the station. This is powered by our 48-port UniFi PoE switch.

Connection speed

These NanoStations have a built-in Wi-Fi radio for management. This means you can connect to them within 15 minutes of turning them off and on and configure them using the Ubiquiti Network Management System's UNMS app (Android Play Store or iOS App Store).

Ubiquiti NanoStation bandwidth test

This is a great feature, and the app includes an antenna alignment tool that uses audio tones to align the couple without staring at your phone at the same time.

These P2P devices are suitable for outdoor (or indoor) use and offer "up to 450+ Mbit / s".

The distance between the two buildings is about 20 meters and we reach a little more than 300 Mbit / s. This is great when you consider that the 70Mbps internet connection we make is significantly lower.

Although we haven't had any harsh weather since installing the devices, we had many rainy days and found no degradation in performance.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sending a WiFi signal between buildings is not just something for the company. If you share a neighbor's fiber optic or just want to send a network connection to the garden shed, it has never been easier and cheaper. The airMAX NanoStation AC-Lok offers Ubiquiti's usual ratio of a high number of functions to low costs. Highly recommended.

Available from Linitx: Available from Amazon
Linitx also sells this kit with 2 units and ready-to-use injectors.

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