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Video: The brand new presence sensor from Loxone

A few weeks ago, Loxone quietly added a brand new presence sensor to its home automation program.

In addition to the infrared motion and brightness circuits, this new device has a built-in acoustic sensor (is this different from a microphone?) To determine if a room is occupied.

After doing several implementations of lights based on motion in our old house over the years, I can appreciate anything that reduces the need to move your hands in the air when the lights go out unexpectedly.

While this new sensor is not infallible, it enables people to speak, for example, or the sound of a television to decide whether a room is still occupied. Together with other sensors and the powerful logic functions of the Loxone Config programming application, this can help to make such decisions based on multiple inputs.

Loxone presence sensor

The surface-mounted presence sensor tree (part number 100422 in white and 100423 in anthracite) has a detection angle of 360 ° horizontally and 110 ° vertically, which results in a detection field of 8 m with a ceiling height of 3 m.

Believe it or not, with motion sensors you have to move to pick you up. Yes, with Loxone you can adjust the timeout parameters to the way a room is used. However, we have identified potential for improvement here. For example, in the case of non-traditional room layouts or if the residents do not move for some time or where the occupants may not be in the direct field of vision of the motion sensors.

In line with our constant work on identifying opportunities for improvement in our products for the automation of residential and commercial buildings, we have developed a presence sensor with an integrated acoustic sensor! This applies in addition to infrared and brightness sensors.

Check out the video and link below for more information.

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