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With this DIY Sporting Items Catch-All, the day isn’t any sweat

When you build it, the sporting goods will come (and stay organized!)

This project helps you organize your garage and becomes an MVP of DIY projects. With all your sports equipment in the same place, you're always ready when someone shouts, "Where's my basketball?" (Or volleyball, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, etc.)

See how it's done, and then follow the step-by-step instructions to create your own.

1. Find a bookshelf

Choose a bookcase with at least three wide shelves so you can store your equipment in different sizes.

2. Add blocking wheels

Attach the safety wheels to the bottom of the bookshelf so that you can easily move it around in the dirt room or in the garage.

3. Drill holes

Drill evenly spaced holes (about four or five, depending on the width of the bookcase) along the top of one of the shelves. Keep the holes fairly close to the edge – about half an inch or less away.

Drill holes on the bottom of the shelf below that exactly match the holes on the shelf above.

4. Attach the bungee cables

Insert the bungee cable hooks into the drilled holes and arrange the cables vertically so that a net is created. You want the cables to be fairly tight, so choose the right size for your bookshelf.

5. Mount the breadboards

Frame the sides of your bookcase with 1 x 2 inch boards to support custom-made breadboards. Attach the breadboards with a couple of nails at the top and bottom.

6. Adjust with hooks and holders

Place hooks and holders on the breadboard so you can hang up your tennis rackets, baseball gloves, jerseys, helmets and more.

7. Charge your panacea, MVP!

Grab your gear and arrange the trash can as you like. Now all you have to do is worry about scoring the winning goal.


Originally published September 2017.

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