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Spectacular solariums and solar rooms let the sunshine in

Summon the sun indoors with these beautiful light-filled rooms.

Conservatories, solariums, skylights – oh my god! While the terminology can be confusing, these spaces, designed for indoor sunbathing, have similar properties and are suitable for any type of home environment.

If your climate does not offer sun all year round, you can still enjoy nature by adding a winter garden or solarium to your room.

What is the difference?

A Winter garden is a house addition made entirely of windows that offers a 360-degree view of the outside landscape without setting foot outside.

The term "winter garden" usually means a room made of glass and is usually exchanged with a winter garden, solarium, greenhouse and atrium. Technically speaking, a winter garden is any large room into which light can flow in through large windows or glass walls.

A solariumOn the other hand, it is a specially designed room. In order to be considered a solarium, the room must also have a glass roof in addition to a wall made of windows or glass.

Traditionally, solariums have been built as part of hospitals so that patients can enjoy the sun without being exposed to the elements outdoors. Solariums can be connected to the house or stand as a separate structure.

Take a look at these beautiful winter gardens and solariums and be inspired for your own sunny room.

Green sunlight

This winter garden lets in the light for the plants while maintaining a homely charm. The wooden ceiling and the green plants complement the quiet view outside and are perfect for afternoon tea or family games.

Photo by Zillow Collection.

Sunny bath with a view

This palatial solarium in Sarasota, Florida houses a pool where you can swim and enjoy the view of the nearby lake. The iron frame and tinted glass allow homeowners to enjoy the sun, but avoid harmful rays and heat.

Photo by Zillow Collection.

Eat almost outdoors

This winter garden serves as a light-flooded dining room with a garden view and easy access to the terrace. Day or night, hot or cold, this multi-purpose room is ideal for a quiet meal at home or an intimate meeting with friends.

Photo by Zillow Collection.

room with view

This Friday Harbor, Washington solarium offers sky-high views and traditional architecture, showing how outdoor structures can flow seamlessly into the interior. With carpets and ceiling lighting, the solarium feels like a bright living room.

Photo by Zillow Collection.


Originally published in March 2017. Updated in June 2019.

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