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Boho and minimalism prime our record of 2019 outside dwelling traits

In with minimalism, out with a rustic farmhouse. See what trends are heating up the patios this summer.

It's easier than ever to create an outdoor oasis that is an extension of your home. The biggest trend this summer is to create a backyard room that is as comfortable as your interior. Design styles such as light and bold boho and Scandinavian minimalism go outside according to our Outdoor Living Trends Report 2019.

“The lines between what is only for indoor use and what you can use outdoors are blurred. That means creating an outdoor space that fits your interior design has never been easier, ”said Kerrie Kelly, design expert and founder of the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

Here is her overview of the five hottest outdoor trends this year:

1. Mixed materials

This summer, design elements that used to only be used indoors – brass, rope, structured upholstery and webbing – will be combined in new, unexpected ways for outdoor spaces. Chandeliers, soft carpets and cozy floor cushions are now popular for outdoors. The new fabric options now include safe velvet fabrics, leather and chubby chenilles for outdoors.

2. Minimalism to the maximum

The Scandinavian minimalist design is now evident in the exterior. This summer deck chairs, love seats and bistro tables are made of light, powder-coated aluminum. Complete the look with neutral colors such as black, white and gray or combine them with a natural material such as teak.

3. Some like it hot

This summer it's all about raised outdoor areas that feel as stylish, comfortable and functional as interiors – with all the amenities. Fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are still extremely popular and convey a feeling of "indoor cozy". Zillow investigations not only revealed more ambience, but also found offers for outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces that were sold for significantly more than expected.

4. Splashes of color

Splashes in bright colors illuminate neutral upholstered furniture. This summer's top color trend with citrus oranges, reds, yellows and pinks is lively and lively outside. Remember to add a hint of Living Coral, Pantone's color of the year, or play with new emerald green in your accessories.

5. Go green outside

Environmentally conscious landscaping, outdoor furniture and fittings have become more important this year. Wall units make a design statement and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar powered LED accent lights provide improved lighting without complex wiring or difficult installation. When it comes to sales, deals mentioning outdoor lighting have been linked to home sales that sold 19% more than expected.

Outdoor trends that will leave 2019 behind

Matching terrace sets

With more options than ever, you don't have to rely on matching patio sets to get a contracted look. Instead, curated, versatile outdoor areas are becoming increasingly popular. Do you have a terrace? Add multi-pattern mix-and-match outdoor pillows, a textured ottoman, and a vintage rattan side table for a unique look.

Rustic farmhouse

Weathered barn wood dining tables and industrial metal chairs will be redesigned in 2019 with a slimmer combination of teak and aluminum. Take your existing farmhouse table and upgrade it with a set of bright, cheerful aluminum mesh dining chairs.


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