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Artistic methods so as to add coloration to your rental

Can't you paint the walls? No problem. These splashes of color do not require the landlord's approval.

Living in a rental property can affect your design options. With unchangeable furnishings and cabinets, mild colors and the risk of losing your deposit if you make changes, many tenants suppress their personal style and opt for a simple basic equipment.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If you get creative with your furniture and accessories, you can have a colorful and inviting home without sacrificing your security deposit or annoying your landlord.

From wall to wall

Many homeowners paint the walls as a relatively easy way to add color to a room. However, landlords and property managers often prohibit changing the interior color of a rental property.

Think beyond color and discover a variety of ways to beautify your walls without touching a brush. The key is to think big.

Find large-sized works of art that match your style and have expressive colors. Collect snapshots in ombre frames of your favorite color (instead of traditional black or white) and assemble a gallery wall.

Do you have an artistic series? Paint a mural on a large piece of canvas and stick it over an entire wall.

For less artistic, removable wallpapers or decals in light colors and eye-catching designs, this is an immediate pick-me-up. You can also cover entire walls or uncomfortable rooms with a pretty patterned curtain or piece of fabric to create a cozy bohemian atmosphere.

Open it

Rentals are often supplied with outdated cabinets, fittings, and floors that cannot be changed. Beige, brown, and cream white are the norm for these rooms, but that doesn't mean you have to limit your style.

Add visual interest and draw attention by adding sparkling furniture and decorations. Look for pieces in your favorite color or choose a theme like sun yellow and coral to drown out the sadness.

Vibrantly painted wooden chairs can give your dining area some momentum. Or buy a couch or chair in a daring tone like emerald or sapphire.

Don't have a lot of money to spend? Go DIY. Find and revise furniture with good bones in your local thrift store or flea market. Use spray paint for smaller decorative items and latex or chalk paint for dressers and side tables.

Add extra flair with stenciled details and color-dipped legs. Line the back of the bookshelves with decorative paper and temporarily replace boring kitchen and bathroom handles with lively versions.

Soft goods, strong tones

Textiles in different colors are your best friends to beautify your dated or boring apartment. Start with an inviting rug in a rich jewel shade or a trendy, over-colored shade. Stay away from traditional white and beige curtains – opt for a light color or vivid pattern instead.

The same applies to bed linen. White may be a traditional companion for duvet covers, but in the case of a blue apartment, choose a print or color that will make your bedroom an energizing haven or a relaxing retreat. If you are looking for a calm feeling, look for a bed made of cool indigo, lavender or sage. Would you like to make it optimistic instead? Try poppy colors such as coral, tangerine or sunflower.

Funny pillows and blankets spice up your bed, couch, deck chairs and much more. Maintain the color trend in the bathroom and kitchen by choosing pretty towels and bath mats.

Make it yours

By hitting the walls with custom artwork, bringing in attention-grabbing furniture, and using pretty textiles to increase the style factor, you can create a colorful home without ever touching a drop of paint.

The key is moderation and intention. Stick to a few favorite colors and mix them using variations of those shades instead of adding each color to the rainbow. Pick some key focal points to add color and let the rest flow.

You are happy about the design boost and your landlord will be glad that you have not made any major changes. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.


Originally published on June 13, 2016.

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