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The right way to throw the right pumpkin carving celebration

Collect pumpkins and invite your favorite witches and ghouls for a little Halloween fun.

Nothing says more about Halloween than carved pumpkins, festive treats and fun costumes. Try these tips to organize the perfect pumpkin carving party with all your friends.

1. Create an informal atmosphere

Go to the back yard, set up a few long folding tables with tablecloths and let the autumn atmosphere become your decor. Play music to start the party.

2. Put together a self-service buffet

Don't worry if you are serving a full meal that is a lot of work for you. Instead, put together a self-service buffet that is filled with enough treats for the evening so you can enjoy the party. Think of a few simple savory dishes, add fun and festive sweets – you have everything under control. Add a beverage station with some options to the dispenser. Label them, put up a stack of glasses and let your guests enjoy.

3. Set up carving stations

Set up a simple but structured carving station so your guests can enjoy the main event. Store a table with a selection of carved templates for those who want something different from the traditional pumpkin lantern face. Don't forget tape – you need to hold the templates in place when carving.


Place sweet buckets on other tables where your guests can scoop the pumpkin seeds and pulp. Then put out smaller containers to hold the carving utensils. Just add some pumpkins and you've got everything your guests need.

4. Hold a carving competition

What would pumpkin carving be without a little friendly competition? Have some judges and various prizes ready for the event. Think outside the box with the awards and go beyond the “best pumpkin”. Think of "the most creative", "most adventurous", "creepiest" and so on.

5. Remember the evening

All this hard work should be documented! Collect the carved masterpieces for a group shot at the end of the evening and don't forget to share the party photos with your guests afterwards.


Get these pumpkins out, set the tables, and crank up the music for the best pumpkin carving party there is.

Do you need further inspiration? In our video tutorial you will learn how to make your room scary in no time.


Originally published in October 2016.

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