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eight minimalist homes which have loads of model (not on issues)

These homes with clean lines and bright spaces prove that you can maximize style while keeping things minimal.

Breathtaking. Smooth. Neat. Admire eight simple but sophisticated houses that are so quiet that you will be disappointed in no time.

Open and airy – up, down and around

Photo by PLUSH Image Corporation.

High ceilings and a palette of neutral colors make this living room feel open and bright. From the mid-century modern couch to the simple side tables, furniture with exposed legs provides plenty of space. Large windows let a lot of natural light into the room and give it an airy feeling.

White and light with wood accents

Photo by Colt Verret.

Three Edison light bulbs hang over the island of this kitchen, giving it a radiant yet clean look. A blackboard with uniform white cabinets makes the room feel open and immaculate, while a stainless steel sink completes the look. From the bar stools to the barn sliding gate, natural wood accents complement the kitchen – without clutter.

Clean, fresh and flowing

Photo by Zillow Collection.

This minimalist-chic bathroom on white walls is the perfect place to cleanse your body and mind. This room has flowing, zen-like design elements. The shower walls and the double slipper tub appear sinuous and remind of the nearby Pacific.

In the middle of the century the 21st

Photo by Zillow Collection.

Clean and chic, this dining room is a dream in simplicity. A modern, silver-colored chandelier offers inspiration against the classic background of black and white. Wooden floors and a dining table made of natural wood provide warmth without clutter.

Classic style in blush and gold

Photo by Angelika Piatek Photography.

Clear white walls and a bold, gray paneled fireplace anchor this bright living room. A touch of light rouge tones complements the simple aesthetics, while modern mid-century furniture with metal legs underlines the minimalist chic. Clear, geometric lines – from the criss-crossing carpet to the modern side table – complete the look.

An allusion to nature

Photo by Roehner + Ryan. Home staging through local trade.

A lot of light and simple lines provide the calming backdrop for this house. Gold and silver-colored lights add extra shine, while a bar cart also serves as storage space. It's also a sneaky way to tidy up clutter and keep things neat and tidy.

Perfectly placed patterns

Photo by Zillow Collection.

Sleep is easy when a bedroom is so free from distractions. Classic white walls provide a soothing visual backdrop, while the patterned carpet integrates a simple, chic design. Floor-to-ceiling windows lengthen the room and invite too much light.

The illusion of height

Photo by Zillow Collection.

Long vertical lines – from the tripod lamp to the decorative wooden ladder to the tall potted plant – draw the eye upwards and make the room appear larger. A touch of gray and blue gives an otherwise neutral room cool, soothing tones.

Top picture by Angelika Piatek Photography.


Originally published January 2018.

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