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7 methods to combine your passions into your own home decor

When you surround yourself with memories of your hobbies and interests, each room becomes more meaningful.

Your home reflects who you are and you are much more than a selection of tasteful colors and furniture. Why not celebrate your passions by including them in your decor? When your talents, skills and hobbies are shown as a natural part of your decor, you will feel more inspired and at home.

You don't have to reshape your life to include your passions in your home decor. In many cases, even a small change in storage or placement makes the difference – and you can even save money by using items that are already in use.

If something makes you happy, bring it out and let it shine.

Keep your tools within reach

Many creative hobbies come with beautiful tools. Don't hide your brushes or yarn – show them off with pride!

Make sure that you keep frequently used tools in accessible places where you can grab them. Nothing is worse than getting inspiration, wrestling or wrestling a guitar from the wall, or pulling a crochet hook from the back of a closet. A good rule is to keep everything you use once a week or more within reach.

View seasonal devices all year round

Just because you can only ski a few months a year does not mean that you forget to ski. Keep your seasonal passions alive by keeping an eye on them, but not in the way.

Mount skis or fishing rods over a door in the off-season. If you have space above kitchen cabinets, this is a great place for the beautiful fondue set that you only use in winter. You can even mount a canoe paddle on the ceiling – or the whole canoe if space is available. The good thing about most seasonal equipment is that you use it outdoors so you don't have to worry too much about intermediate storage.

Use your talents

Give your creative passions space to shine in everyday life. If you are familiar with calligraphy, write a stylish list for planning meals for your week or create a framed list of house rules.

Woodworkers can make anything from cutting boards to furniture. If you embroider, make your own pillowcases and embellished towels. As soon as you have filled your cupboard, the pottery branches into planters and wall hooks.

There is a practical application for almost every art or craft. So make it an entertaining challenge to find yours.

Let your collection tell a story

If you are a collector, every piece has a story. Overall, the items in a collection tell a story of their own story and how they came into your life.

Keep collections in a place of honor where the whole story can come together. Cupboards and shelves are great for 3D objects like glassware, figurines and curios, and albums are perfect for stamps, old photos and ephemera. And of course a planned wall arrangement offers plenty of space for old film posters, works of art or assembled objects.

Use decor to inspire action

If you need some motivation to practice your passion, let your decor inspire you to act. Map each inspirational object to the place where you are most likely to need a boost.

If you don't feel like you are used to, place your antique baking dishes in your kitchen. To support the writer's block, display your diploma, your first pitch approval letter or special first editions of your favorite books on your desk. Hang sporting medals and photos of you at the finish line above the shoe box near your entrance to encourage you to run.

Adjust the mood of the room

Generally, think about the purpose of the room when deciding where to display your valuable possessions. Don't just go where you have space on the wall. Take your time to find the right fit.

A shelf with antique clown toys can look good in an office or playroom, but may not feel relaxing in your bedroom. And your championship soccer shoes or a signed soccer ball may be the perfect inspiration in your training room, but they're less than appetizing when you're hanging out in the dining room.

Mild treasures determine the mood

Some of your possessions are only for you and trigger special memories and feelings when you see or touch them. If you have an object that brings you comfort, place it the way you feel. Do you feel calm by this beach rock? Hold it by your bed.

If your grandfather's old pipe reminds you of how he taught you to read, keep it in a display case on a bookshelf or at your desk.

These are just a few of the ways you can bring your passions to the decor of your home. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to bring your most important possessions into your decor so you can keep these passions alive in your daily life.


Originally published in April 2018.

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