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The key of uncomplicated Christmas decorations? Use what you have already got

Decorating on vacation can be as simple as dusting your vases, unrolling a burlap roll, and polishing your silver.

Hold your holiday decor horses! Before you buy tinsel drops and heaps of twinkling lights, take a look at the items you already have – they may be the Christmas ornament you were looking for.

By hunting in your closets and cabinets, you can easily convert commonly used household items into Christmas decorations for your home. Do you need some inspiration? These design experts tell you how they make everyday objects into festive flourishes.

Browse through the craft cabinet

"Break the burlap! It is known that I use burlap for everything from tablecloths to a Christmas tree skirt. It is so versatile and gives an organic, rustic atmosphere. "
– Brooke Wagner, Brooke Wagner Design

“Roll out brown or black butcher paper on your table like a runner. It somehow increases everything you bet on. You can also write the names of your guests in black (or chalk for black paper) instead of place cards. "
– Jenn Muirhead, Jennifer Muirhead Interiors

"Paint a wall with blackboard paint. It's the perfect themed accent wall that's fun, creative, and engaging with the kids. "
– Melissa Martin Molitor, MMM Designs-Interiors

Photo courtesy of Melissa Martin Molitor.

"Tie the band to everything! Thread it through chandeliers or railings. Or put festively printed fabrics in picture frames and distribute them throughout the house. "
– Katie Schroder, interior design of the studio

Search the kitchen cabinets

“Place a number of tea cups on a pretty tray and fill each cup with a succulent or small floral arrangement. Or create a centerpiece by placing candles on a serving tray or a cake stand. "
– Gita Jacobson, In The Deets

“Fill a large glass bowl – or maybe a punch bowl or a small bowl – with the desired seasonal item. Just use the same thing to make it look functional and pretty. "
– Jenn Muirhead, Jennifer Muirhead Interiors

“Take an ordinary flower vase and stick in glass ornaments with a row of white lights. It's a pretty display that's simple and creative! "
– Wendy Berry, W Design Interiors

Search the fridge

“Dried fruit garland is still classic and sweet. Take a needle and thread to popcorn, cranberries or dried orange slices and thread them wherever you want! "
– Jenn Muirhead, Jennifer Muirhead Interiors

“Cut up fresh fruit and place it in a jug before adding flowers as the centerpiece. Throw in some cloves and cinnamon sticks for extra flair. For a touch of treat, use oranges with cloves as place card settings. "
– Christine Estep, Jackson Thomas Interiors

Search the closet

"Use a vintage plaid throw as a tablecloth or runner. Or decorate a small table tree with jewelry or ribbons. "
– Katie Schroder, interior design of the studio

"Use one of your favorite scarves as a cozy centerpiece runner."
– Gita Jacobson, In The Deets

Forage in the yard

"Instead of putting a star on top of my Christmas tree, I'll take a handful of fallen sticks and tie them up on the tree with a bast bow. I'll also layer pine cones over my tree to balance out the glass decorations for an organic, natural feel.
– Wendy Berry, W Design Interiors

“I collect sticks from cedar, magnolia, holly, boxwood and pine. I spread them on the bottom of containers or arrange them in colorful tea cans. It's an easy way to bring in a lot of green without spending too much money. "
– Susan Jamieson, Bridget Beari Designs

“I love adding a garland of fresh green to my dining room chandelier and hanging ornaments on it. The fresh scent, mixed with holiday cuisine, is wonderful. "

– Jennifer Stoner, Jennifer Stoner Interiors

Look everywhere!

"Scatter some festive items that aren't necessarily" vacation ". For example, in the fall we'll be laying out antlers with natural scales or a tuxedo hat for Christmas. I'm going to mix in some of those things that feel seasonal, but are not necessarily traditional Christmas decor. "
– Sommer Thornton, Sommer Thornton Design

“Give a corner of your house a touch of vacation in just a few simple steps. We've made a seating area more festive by adding new pillows (they don't have to have an open holiday theme – a winter look works just as well), some evergreen cuttings from the yard (with a few berry branches), and a stack of wrapped gifts, a scarf and a bow for our deer and a teddy bear in the attic. "
– Chris Stout-Hazard, Roger + Chris

Photo courtesy of Chris Stout-Hazard.

“Collect objects with a similar color scheme. I pull everything out of white and silver and group them together – candle holders, vases, pots, ribbons. Then I go to my neighbors' yards to get magnolia and holly cuttings and get laurel from my own garden. I just keep everything green, white and silver – it works together. "
– Lesley Glotzl

"Use a metal jar in a vase again to display lush greenery or arrangements of vacation items. A brass champagne cooler, a bright silver trophy bowl or even small copper cups could work perfectly. Add fresh red blast with cranberries, pomegranates, deep red apples, or even a few red roses. "
– Kerrie Kelly, Kerrie Kelly design lab

Photo courtesy of Kerrie Kelly.

Top photo from Zillow listing.


Originally published November 2017.

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