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Residence group: embrace order within the new 12 months

Manage clutter and let your space work for you – in style.

For many people, the new year is a clean slate and brings with it a new feeling for opportunities and enthusiasm. It's a wonderful time to organize your home in anticipation of the busy months ahead. Effective storage solutions and organization systems allow you to enjoy your home to the fullest. Here are some tips to get you on the right track for a decent and productive year.

Learn to let go of things

The first step in an organization chart is deletion. This can be the hardest part, but it's also the most rewarding.

Don't keep things that don't work or don't give you pleasure. Also keep in mind that something you let go can make someone else very happy.

If you are unsure whether you can separate yourself from an item, keep it in a box and check if you miss or need it. This is a great litmus test for what is really necessary. If you don't miss it after a set time, donate it!

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good

Any organizational effort is better than no organizational effort. The best way to approach a huge task, such as gradually organizing your entire home.

The house offers us natural barriers. Think of each room as a separate project and it will feel more manageable.

And remember that it gets worse before it gets better. So don't be discouraged early on. Organizing is not something that happens in a day – it is a journey and a state of mind.

Think outside of the retail store

A trip to your local organization store can be fun, but unorthodox storage solutions make for a more interesting space.

Beautiful, unique pieces can be very practical and help make your home more functional. If possible, use available and affordable materials to increase your home organization budget. You can make your own solutions or revitalize used parts that match your style.

Source: Belathee Photography

This bookcase was made from old wine boxes and then stained in dark walnut color.

The three Bs: trash cans, buckets and baskets

Oh, and glasses. (But that doesn't start with a B.)

Once you've reduced your belongings to favorites and essentials, you need to keep them somewhere. Baskets and buckets have a wonderful visual effect in a room – they fill corners, rest on chairs and add texture and color.

Source: Belathee Photography

They are also very functional for storing toys and blankets, magazines and shoes. Keep an eye out for unexpected vessels like this giant industrial mixing bowl, which is now a great solution to avoid clutter in the entrance area.

Source: Belathee PhotographySource: Belathee Photography

Using glasses in the kitchen to store dry goods can make open shelves much more attractive. Bonus: If you keep an eye on healthy ingredients, you will likely use them more often.

Source: Belathee Photography

Use your vertical space

If your home doesn't take up a lot of space, vertical solutions are essential to stay organized. These can be implemented more practically – for example, by stacking containers and boxes under your bed or in your closet – as well as by design decisions.

By using the vertical space, the view is directed to different parts of the space and a sense of balance is created. In addition, important real estate is saved on the floor.

Source: Belathee Photography

This curio cabinet makes excellent use of a corner that could otherwise be neglected. A hanging light above it has a nice visual effect and does not take up any additional space.

The best reason to organize and stay? You save valuable time – that means you can concentrate on doing things that are really important to you.


Originally published in January 2015

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