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four methods to make your kitchen cozy for autumn

Get your hearty soup recipes, decorative cake plates, and favorite cookbooks. Autumn is here and with a little effort you can get your kitchen ready to make the most of it.

The season has changed and therefore follows your home decor. Decorating for the cooler autumn months means integrating warm and inviting colors and textures into the interior of your home, especially the kitchen.

Try these four tips to create a cozier kitchen for fall.

Weave in dark textiles

Autumn means to decorate with wonderfully structured throws, pillows and table linen. Introduce your kitchen to an autumn palette with dark, natural window covers and similar table linen for a cozy effect. This look contrasts raw texture with soft details like fresh fruit, warm placemats and smooth surfaces.

Bench on butcher block

The butcher block is most common in country style or country style houses and is great for countertops and tables because it is durable and looks better the longer you have it.

If you are thinking of replacing your countertop, consider a butcher block to get a warm, inviting feeling. If you don't want to commit to a full countertop, try using a large cutting board or table to give your kitchen earthiness.

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Add pops of color

If your kitchen has an empty space or an accent wall, paint it for an inviting scene. For the fall season, you can use warmer, darker colors such as deep red, warm orange, or an olive or brown tone.

Wouldn't you like to paint an entire wall? Choose one or two works of art with deep and rich colors to create a cozy ambience. You could even paint your closets or counters.

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Take care of houseplants

Houseplants are always a good decoration, as they require little maintenance and give every room a touch of freshness. They are particularly useful in autumn as they can serve as herb gardens or as a unique decor.

Install a small indoor garden on your windowsill or on a shelf near a window for easy access to fresh rosemary, sage, and basil, even when the weather doesn't require gardening.


Although these suggestions may seem small, they are great touches up to improve your festive theme this fall season. Add one or two or mix all the design tips for a home-sweet-home feeling.


Originally published in October 2015.

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