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Arizona Claims Dealing with Pointers at a look

Similar to other states, Arizona has passed laws and regulations regulating unfair claims. While no private cause of action can be brought in under the Unfair Claims Regulation Act1 and related rules, they set specific standards for insurers to promptly investigate and process claims.

Under the law, insurance carriers are expected to implement appropriate standards for the immediate investigation of all policy claims.2 This includes appropriate and timely handling of insurance claims notices. 3

An insurer must not refuse to pay claims without conducting an appropriate investigation and must confirm or refuse coverage within a reasonable period of time after the proof of loss is provided.4 The insurer must not misrepresent facts or provisions of the insurance policy and must be in good faith try to do this promptly and fairly settle claims once liability is sufficiently clear. 5

Property insurers must not restrict the assignment of damage or damage after the damage has occurred. 6

The investigation or payment of claims must not be delayed to request preliminary claims reports, followed by subsequent formal evidence of loss.7 Insurers should not force their policyholders to initiate litigation to recover the amounts owed under the policy by offering significantly less .8th

As soon as the liability has become sufficiently clear, an insurer must immediately settle claims from this section of the insurance policy. 9

When paying claims, the payment must be accompanied by a statement describing the coverage under which the payment is made.10 If an insurer refuses a claim or offers a compromise solution, it must immediately provide a reasonable explanation of the basis in relation to the Submit payment facts or applicable law. 11

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