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10 suggestions for organizing your total residence

If you do one task a day, you'll be better organized in no time.

Organizing your home and space can help you feel better in control of your surroundings. This sense of order can reduce stress, help you focus on your own well-being and achieve your other goals. Follow these tips to organize your entire home quickly and easily.

Set up a faultless garage system

A place for everything and everything in place (or at least you can tell if that's not the case).

I suggest starting in the garage as this can be one of the most crowded places in the house. Imagine driving into your garage and seeing at least one new system that is easy to use next year.

Here is an approach that is simple, inexpensive and quick to implement.

  1. Hang up a breadboard
  2. Put some tool hooks in the holes on the board
  3. Use a thick marker to draw an outline around each tool to reserve its position.

Your new tool organization system keeps you organized and notifies you when tools are missing. This garage system also helps other family members to put things away, as it is easy to see where the individual items have to be placed.

Halve laundry

How can one of the smallest rooms in the house look so chaotic? And why does washing seem to take so long?

Here is a laundry system that can save you time and restore your mental health. First, provide everyone with their own laundry basket. Place the names of family members on the sides of the baskets so that there are no lost items or confusion.

LaundryPhoto by Zillow Collection

Here's the sweet secret. When the laundry is done, rather than putting the clean laundry on the dining table or the stairs (and watching everyone go by without picking up their clothes), have everyone come to the laundry room to pick up their personal basket of clean clothes.

Do some kitchen magic

The kitchen is the activity center of most houses. It's a busy area because family members or roommates use the kitchen at least three to five times a day. We open our post here, study, read, use our laptops and tablets here – not to mention where the food is.

Since there are so many different activities in the kitchen, it is advisable to set up separate stations for these activities. One way to do this is to invest in a trolley – whatever style and size works best in your kitchen.

Use this shopping cart to set up your own area for one of your most common activities. For example, create a lunch break with a cutting board and knife, salt and pepper, paper towels, and non-perishable foods (bread, oranges, and apples) and snacks. Make room for your family to make your life easier while holding a station with similar items together.

Write it down in writing

Whether you are a single person or a family of five, one tool can save your life or your home: a household manual. The nice thing about this practical tool is that it does not have to be compiled all at once and the creation does not cost anything.

Take a three-ring binder and a three-hole stamp and keep your essential information in the folder. First, collect your emergency contact information and other important information such as your veterinarian's name, school schedules, alarm codes, medication doses for your children, your father's caregiver's name, and where the gas shutoff valve of your home is located.

If you organize your home further and find more important documents, you can add them to the folder. If you prefer a digital approach, save your manual in a highly secure cloud service.

Get a fee

Many people are frustrated with cell phones, iPad chargers, memory sticks and tangled cables that are scattered around the house. Relaxation and recreational activities often seem to require the power of a charging station that is easily accessible – and it doesn't hurt if it's attractive too.

A simple solution is to consider a charging station that hides the cables, holds all the electronic items together and looks good.

Tell a tidier toy story

Whether grandparents or young mothers and fathers, one of the biggest complaints from people who share their homes with children is picking up toys.

The "put away" task is a skill that can and should be taught to children, as it is important to take personal responsibility for children as teenagers and then as adults. In addition, storing toys can be fun.

Here's an idea that shifts your game storage situation from frustration to elation. Use colorful containers to hold toys, and label each container for one type of toy, e.g. B. musical instruments, cars, dolls, games or Legos.

To make it even easier, find pictures of the toys in magazines or online and label the containers with them.

If you have dolls or cuddly toys in a container, attach the appropriate picture to the front of the container. Keep the number of containers small, but make sure that the containers are large and easily accessible.

Decrypt the adult's closet

Beaded closets and growing piles of clean and dirty laundry can ruin the possibility of calm or romance. Interference suppression in the bedroom creates a refuge for both.

Starting with the closet is a good move. Once the space is free, it all comes down to finding what you need when you need it.

Here's a quick process to get your closet in order:

  1. Clear the floor so that you can move easily.
  2. Make sure you have the right lighting.
  3. Pull everything out.
  4. Reinsert only what suits you, is stain-free and requires no repairs.

Place the children's cabinets straight

There is no better tool for organizing children's clothing than a hanging shelf. Set a bag for each day of the week and label it. Every weekend, choose clothes for the following week and put them in your pockets for the day your child will wear them. Imagine a quiet morning with no clothing conflict.

Bundle toiletries and grooming tools

Some bathrooms are small, and everyone seems to have their own favorite shampoo, hairbrush, and toothpaste brand. The drawer, cabinet and counter surface quickly run out.

If this is your situation, assign everyone in the house a bathroom caddy loaded with all of their cosmetics, toiletries, and grooming tools and labeled with their name.

Store the caddies on a shelf in the bathroom or carry them to and from the bedroom. The bathroom remains organized and automatic cleaning is installed after each visit.


Originally published in January 2016

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