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Josh AI – The privacy-oriented voice management platform

The popularity of voice control has exploded, but has always been surrounded by security and privacy issues.

Josh AI is an artificial intelligence system that provides voice control for your smart home with a focus on privacy.


Trust and responsibility make a house a home. Josh knows how important it is to protect you and your family. We will never sell your data to third parties. Josh is constantly learning more natural commands for the house, and the owners have a choice of controlling how much data their house shares. Josh offers limitless personalization and unprecedented security.

Josh AI

The Josh Micro devices are located in every room of your house and draw your attention to their location. This simplifies commands – "close blinds", not "close blinds in the master bedroom".

You also have context. If you ask for "crank it up", this can increase the volume of the music or make your lights brighter, depending on your previous command.


The system can control your entire smart home by integrating it into a range of hardware, including systems from well-known names such as Crestron (SIMPL & Pyng / Home) Control4, Lutron and Savant.


So what about markets outside of the United States? We asked Josh AI about their plans for the UK and they told us …

We not only have to do business, but also technically, before we can take into account the European market and the GDPR. Our team is currently undertaking a number of compliance reviews and we hope that once these reviews have been completed this year we will have a better insight into a UK timeframe. Although we are unable to operate outside of North America today, feel free to subscribe to our mailing list (below on so that we are always up to date when we are available internationally.

Josh AI


While they don't publish prices, but work through a dealer network, the company says that "the cost of a system is comparable to any other entry-level home automation system."

What is the value of a private version of something that is basically Google and Amazon free? Well, it looks pretty high when Josh AI just raised $ 11 million in a Serie A round last month, bringing the total funding to $ 22 million.

It looks like people are ready to pay for privacy. One to watch.

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