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Imou Ranger IQ – AI powered 1080p Pan Tilt Dwelling Safety digital camera

Here you can see the new Imou Ranger IQ and a discount code for 30% discount for automated home readers.

What is it?

Imou is the consumer wing of Dahua, a giant Chinese manufacturer of video surveillance and surveillance devices. They describe their new Ranger IQ as "the world's first home security camera for the artificial Internet of Things (AIoT)".

The 3.6 mm lens has a horizontal field of view of 87 ° and a striking dark spherical design (approx. 9 cm x 9 cm x 10 cm) enables this indoor camera to rotate by 355 degrees and tilt by 90 degrees to achieve full coverage points that even wide-angle cameras cannot overcome.

To install

The device is powered by micro USB and comes with a power adapter with a useful long cable. As is common today, once the setup is plugged in, it is completed using a mobile app. The Imou Life app is available for iOS and Android.

When looking for a location for the camera, please note that it cannot tilt below the horizontal when it is installed in the standard configuration of the table top. So if you want to see a lot directly under the device, you have to use the wall / ceiling bracket provided instead.


The Sony Starlight sensor delivers a 1080p image and allows the camera to hold on to color images in low light before automatically switching to black and white when it gets really dark. There is support for H.264 and the newer H.265 codec, which means that less space is required for recording.

There is a privacy mask setting in which the lens is rolled into the bottom of the housing and completely blocks the view.

The built-in speaker and microphone allow the device to be used for two-way chat between a person in the room and the user in the app.

A built-in abnormal noise detector notifies you of events such as smoke alarms (see video below).

In addition to the integrated WLAN with 802.11b / g / n taste, there is the option of using the 100 Mbit / s Ethernet port for hard-wired reliability. The power consumption is <9.5 W.

Artificial intelligence

The real intelligence of this camera is the built-in AI detection software for people that automatically detects and tracks human targets by automatically moving the lens to follow them in space.

This ability to differentiate between humans and pets or spiders, for example, is intended to protect you from unnecessary false alarms and notifications.

Imou Ranger IQ

We found that it worked well, provided you don't get too close to the lens or move past it too quickly. The sound of the motors that move the lens is audible but by no means loud, and it's pretty cool to see how it picks up and follows people.

Save recordings

The Ranger IQ requires a cloud connection and there is a subscription service to save your recordings online.

Cloud storage costs for iMou cameras 2020

However, you can save your recordings locally on an SD card (maximum 256 GB). It's great to see that the last two cameras we've reviewed now both have local storage options. It seems that the manufacturers are finally listening.

Although there is no way to view the camera in a browser, you can send recordings to an Onvif-compatible NAS, etc. (also compatible with ONVIF PTZ service controls).


IMOU Ranger IQ - Alexa & Google Assistant

This camera is compatible with home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

I also tell us that they will launch a range of compatible Airfly motion detectors, sirens and door sensors later this year. Airfly is Imou's proprietary 433/868 / 915MHz protocol. The Ranger IQ has an integrated Airfly gateway for connection to these additional sensors.


The Imou Ranger IQ is an interesting indoor camera. With its AI features, subscription-free local records, WiFi / Ethernet options, and pan-tilt coverage, it appears to be good value for the price, especially with our limited time offer below.

Many thanks to Imou for providing us with a 30% discount coupon code for the new Ranger IQ. Simply buy the camera with THIS LINK and apply the code F9WWUHTT at checkout.

Available from Amazon

(Discount code expires on October 8, 2020).

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