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four stunning prospects Good Dwelling Safety can cease the unfold of germs

You can prevent germs from spreading around your home by reducing the number of objects you touch. You probably think this sounds easier said than done, but we're here to prove the opposite. With a little help from innovative smart home security, you can defend yourself against germs that are hidden on our surfaces.

As humans, we are too busy to take a moment and ask ourselves what could live on a surface before we touch it. The worrying truth, however, is that unwanted germs like viruses can survive on a surface for hours. In fact, cold and flu viruses can thrive up to 18 hours before they finally succumb to the atmosphere. Sure, good disinfection and disinfection can help eliminate germs. However, if you don't have to touch these surfaces, you get even more protection.

The following smart home security products can help you and your family stop the spread of germs:

  • Doorbell camera
  • Smart thermostat
  • Smart plugs
  • Amazon Alexa

Read on to find out how installing these devices can fight disgusting particles.

A close-up of a Skybell video doorbell camera installed on the front door of a house.

Doorbell camera

Door bell cameras are wonderful intelligent devices that can be used to monitor strange encounters or to deter unwanted visitors like veranda pirates. Some of the latest technical innovations provide doorbell cameras with night vision, HD video and integration into your smartphone. This way you can view your camera's feed from almost anywhere.
What does that have to do with germs? Let's say you've ordered takeaway food, groceries, or a package, and the deliverer is here to drop it off. You can reduce personal contact by opening the door with your doorbell camera.

Smart thermostat

Don't you hate it when you watch a movie or read in bed and you suddenly feel a heat wave? Or maybe you are sitting at the kitchen table and enjoying your dinner when you suddenly get cold? Both cases require temperature adjustments. And with an intelligent thermostat, you can easily make any changes you need from anywhere.

Another advantage of intelligent thermostats is the integration in intelligent loudspeakers such as Echo Dot or Google Home. This allows you to use your voice to adjust the temperature settings while reducing physical contact with the object itself.

Certain intelligent thermostats can also get to know your schedule and understand your temperature preferences, reducing the need to make adjustments.

One hand plugs a power cord into a white smart plug.

Smart plugs

With intelligent plugs at your side, you can automate everyday household items. This includes coffee machines, lamps, televisions, computers, washing machines and dryers and much more.

In order for an intelligent plug to transform your household item into an intelligent object, you only need to connect the device to an electrical outlet. Next, plug the household items (like your coffee machine) into the Smart Plug. After you have connected the two elements, you can switch your coffee machine on and off using the mobile application that is connected to your Smart Plugs. The ability to control various household items from your phone significantly reduces the number of items you touch during the day.

An Amazon Echo Dot with a bright blue ring stands next to a houseplant on a marble coffee table in a living room.

Amazon Alexa

You know who doesn't have to worry about germs? Amazon Alexa. So why not let the virtual assistant help in the house?

Your smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo Dot, can be integrated into hundreds of different smart devices. Similar to the other examples, this reduces physical contact and offers you the convenience of a hands-free function.

Take Amazon Alexa one step further by setting up customizable routines. You can create unique routines that best suit your lifestyle. In short, this feature automates and adjusts devices in your home without the need for a voice command. For example, set up a bedtime routine so that Alexa gradually dims your smart bulbs, locks your smart door locks, and plays soothing atmospheric music so you can fall asleep.

Get full smart home security from Protect America

A networked home not only offers comfort, but can also keep you and your family away from germs.

Smart Home Security also offers families protection against burglaries. Whether you use your doorbell camera to deter pirate pirates or integrate an intelligent loudspeaker into your security system for voice control, the answer is obvious. A networked home simply makes work easier. When you build your smart home security system with Protect America, you secure your property with world-class devices that can be installed in less than an hour.

In addition, our security packages are fully customizable to ensure that you only pay for the equipment you need. With over 25 years of experience protecting homes and families across the country, today we can do more than help you take control of your home. To learn more about Protect America's smart home security, click here for a free quote.

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