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Easy methods to set up a kitchen faucet

Tired of staring at your old faucet? Installing a new one is easy! (Not really.)

If you've been washing your hands a lot lately, you may have started paying special attention to your faucet. Is it dribbling? Is the chrome flaking off? Is it dated?

Sanitary projects can be intimidating because no one wants to accidentally flood their entire home. But installing a new kitchen faucet is really a handyman that everyone can handle.

As long as you work slowly and follow the instructions, you can add a nice faucet to your kitchen without the plumber receiving an emergency call.


  • New kitchen faucet (and the installation manual)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • flashlight
  • bucket
  • Rags
  • cleanser
  • screwdriver
  • towels
  • Teflon tape (optional)

Before you buy a new faucet, write down your current setup. Look under the sink to see how many holes you have (usually between one and four).

This determines the type of faucet that works with your sink. A single-hole faucet can be installed in a three- or four-hole sink by adding a cover plate, but not vice versa.

Step 1

Remove everything under your sink. This DIY takes place in a confined space, so you want to make it as spacious as possible. Also make sure you have a towel nearby so that water doesn't drip.

step 2

Switch off the water supply to the kitchen tap. There is a cold water and hot water valve under your sink.

Turn each of these water valves clockwise until you can no longer turn them. Then turn on your faucet and make sure that no water comes out.

Hold the tap in the "on" position to relieve the water pressure.


step 3

Now that the water is safely shut off, you can unhook the hot and cold water supply lines. You will need a wrench for this step. Simply loosen them (counterclockwise) until they come loose.

Some water can drip out, which is completely normal. Just have your bucket and rags ready.


Step 4

Unscrew your old kitchen tap under the sink.

Every faucet is different, so your faucet may look a little different than this. Ours had a gold ring that we only had to loosen with our hands. Others could be connected to a mother. In this case, you will need to use your wrench again.

Unscrew the tap

Step 5

Pull your old faucet through the top of the sink and out.


Step 6

Use your towel to remove any coarse residue that was hidden under your old kitchen tap. This is the time to make it nice and clean, so put some muscle in it!

Step 7

Get the manual for your new faucet because you will need it! Since every tap is different, everyone has their own instructions. However, we will guide you through the general steps.

Insert your new kitchen tap into the hole at the top of the sink. You may want to involve a buddy to hold the top securely while venturing under the sink.

Feed a new tap

Step 8

Secure your faucet under the sink. We had to tighten a few screws.

Screw_new_cock_in_ tight

Step 9

Attach your hot and cold pipes to your valves and make sure they are snug and tight with your wrench.

You may want to wrap teflon tape around your threaded pipes to make sure your seal is tight and your connections are leak free!

Apply lines

Step 10

Turn on your water supply valves … slowly! Then check the tap to make sure both your hot and cold water are working.

Turn on water

That's it. Seriously simple, isn't it ?!

You can improve the look of your kitchen in less than an hour and it will only cost you the price of a new tap.


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