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10 spring cleansing tasks for this weekend

Welcome warmer weather with a spotless home (in just one weekend).

Spring cleaning is about preparing our home for a new season with sunshine, warmth and time outdoors and also indoors, especially when you are spending a lot of time there. Get ready to wipe off the dirt, remove the cobwebs, and freshen up your living space.

If you add this project to your spring cleaning checklist, you'll be rewarded with a home that feels brighter, cleaner, and more functional.

The best thing is that you can turn off most of these jobs in a weekend.

Wash windows inside and outside

Some say clean windows make your whole house look better, and we think it's true.

For a DIY cleaning that gives professional results, use a solution of water, ammonia, and white vinegar. Apply the solution to your windows with a large sponge and remove with a professional squeegee.

Clean the coils of the fridge and air conditioner

These devices create a cooling effect by allowing air to circulate through the coils. Over time, dust builds up on the coils and reduces their efficiency, making your fridge or air conditioner work much harder.

Pull the mains plug out of the socket and suck out the coils with the splitting tool of your vacuum cleaner. You can also use a special fridge brush cleaning brush that is available in most hardware stores.

Check ceiling fans

Clean your ceiling fan blades to remove winter dust.

If you reversed the direction of your ceiling fan clockwise for winter, turn it counterclockwise again in the warmer months. This directs the air directly downwards and creates a cooling effect.

Clean dryer ventilation

Cleaning a dryer vent is easier than you can imagine. First disconnect the dryer from the power source. Then clean the ventilation with a special cleaning brush for dryer ventilation or a vacuum cleaner.

Deeply clean carpets

Even if you vacuum regularly, thorough carpet cleaning once a year is enough to remove dirt, dust and food residues.

If you don't have a carpet cleaner, you may be able to rent one at a hardware store or even your local grocery store.

Check the roof, gutters and chimneys

Spring is the perfect time to check your roof for any damage that might have occurred in winter. If you can't climb the roof with a ladder, check it with binoculars.

Check decks and patios

If the finish on your wooden deck still looks good, that's great! You may just need to clean the deck to prepare it for summer.

If the finish appears to be worn out, you should both clean and reclose the deck. For composite decks, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and preserving the deck.

Prepare lawn equipment

Get these lawn mowers, weed killers, and pressure washers out of the warehouse, turn them on, and make sure they work properly. Sometimes a little lubrication or cleaning is enough to get your tools back in shape.

Clean outside furniture

Use Murphy Oil Soap for wooden furniture. For most other types of garden furniture, a solution of detergent and water should suffice.

Refresh your entrance

Sweep and / or wash the porch and steps. Shake out your welcome mat or replace it if it frays or falls apart. Add a pot or two of colorful annuals and your home will feel renewed!


Originally published April 2017

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